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Hubbard’s Cupboards

Students without access to adequate resources often face insurmountable challenges. When students have the tools necessary to achieve, the possibilities are endless. However, according to the June 2022 Educator Survey Impact Report, teachers observe that once school supplies are available:

• 89% say students are more engaged in learning as a result

• 84% see students' self-esteem increase

• 97% say the products received from Crayons allow them to enrich their students' learning experiences

Hubbard's Cupboards will serve as an on-site supplement in select schools to fill needs that arise, like when a student needs a new backpack to start the school year or a healthy snack during a long day. Each cupboard will be filled during the school year with core school supplies from Crayons to Computers, as well as healthy snacks and hygiene products from Kroger. 


The joint partnership hopes to set students up for success by ensuring they have adequate access to educational resources to strengthen their minds, and healthy snacks options to fuel their bodies so they can focus on learning. 

The program is graciously supported by four corporations with a deep commitment to giving back: SugarCreek, Prolink Staffing, Profill Solutions, and Alta Fiber. 

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